Monday, 29 April 2013

As a stand-up comedian rightly compared the MBA colleges to Madrasas and other religious schools which brainwash you and take away your independent thinking without you realising it, a lot of these MBA colleges are mass producing an army of selfish  and contemptuous individuals.
Most colleges recommend students to read books like the Alchemist and other such similar books to gain confidence and cockiness necessary not  just to survive but also flourish in the dog eat dog corporate world. I of course have had my share of run-ins with such personalities who in their managerial role inculcate feudalistic approach when it comes to treating their subordinates, they almost enjoy seeing someone quaking in their boots and feel a sense of superiority in doing so.
Books like the Alchemist of course has its benefits, basically it proclaims that our mind is so powerful that if we want something very badly we end up getting it and the world around us helps us in reaching our goals, this ideally should have been a fillip for people to think of a better future for not just themselves but also for our  nation and the mankind as a whole, unfortunately this does not happen, under the  influence of such books more and more youngsters are becoming selfish and self centred, for them the achievements have been reduced to owning the best car in town, the highest salary package amongst their peers and acknowledgement of  their greatness from all quarters, these are very hollow ambitions , we insult our mind when we don't realise that it is  powerful enough not just to accommodate the well being of ourselves but the entire mankind, so it would help us if we respect this powerful mind and be slightly more compassionate about others as much as we are for ourselves and our immediate family.
The powerful mind did not want Tsunami  to happen but it did, same is the case with  earthquakes and other natural disasters, a lot of things also happen when we do not want it, this is basically to let us know that books like Alchemists do have their merit but not to an extent that we lose  touch with reality.

Also its now proved that one way to kill insecurity is by thinking not just about yourself but also people around you, the ecosystem, let's respect that too as we go about fulfilling our materialistic desires.